Why you should apply for permanent residency through Federal Skilled worker program? Well, the program offers benefits to the applicants who apply for permanent residency which are as follows:

  • The first benefit that is availed by the candidate on getting permanent residency through this economic immigration program is that the applicant can work anywhere in Canada except the province of Quebec.
  • The second benefit is that if the applicant who is moving to Canada with their family if he/she is the primary applicant then the family members directly get permanent residency for Canada which includes spouse and dependent children.
  • On getting permanent residency, the applicant can call his parents under the family sponsorship program.
  • The applicant on getting permanent residency in Canada can help their siblings in gaining extra points when they too apply for permanent residency under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Now, for applying under this program certain immigration laws are there which need to be considered. So if a candidate is unaware of such laws should take help from an expert. To help you with Federal Skilled Worker program application and understanding the requirements of this program according to Express Entry you can take the help of HV Global Immigration . At HV Global Immigration , We help you with understanding the requirements of the program, the application as well as the documentation process where they guide you related to the necessary documents which are needed to support your eligibility. For more information related Federal Skilled Worker program, contact our experts by calling